Who can play?

Everyone is welcome.  Most sessions draw between 8-16 players, and club members range widely in age and skill level.  Simply put, if you like to play Scrabble® and are looking for a challenge, this is the place for you!  Visit our Meetings page for meeting times and location.

How is Scrabble® at clubs different than what I'm used to?

We play the same basic game you know and love, but you may notice a few differences from the way you play at home or online.  For example, all games are played one-on-one, and both players keep score.  All games are timed, with each player being allotted twenty-five minutes per game.  Players are not permitted to refer to dictionaries or word lists while playing (with the exception that newcomers are allowed to refer to a "Cheat Sheet" of shorter words during play).  Most players pick up these basic conventions after a few games at Club.  After a while, you won't want to play Scrabble® any other way!

Do I  need to bring anything?

Just bring something to write with — and your thinking cap, of course!  At this time, we also ask that you bring and wear a face mask that fully covers your mouth and nose.  See our Meetings page for the latest policies/rules regarding attendance in the time of COVID.

We generally have enough playing equipment, but feel free to also bring your "deluxe" Scrabble® set (the kind with a turntable and grids for the letters), if you have one.   

You may also wish to bring a water bottle or other covered beverage container.  There are no food/beverage options available on site.

Notepad and pen
Game in progress

Will you provide me with anything?

We can provide you with some score sheets and a Cheat Sheet to get you started.  The Cheat Sheet lists a bunch of short words that are useful in Scrabble® game play, some of which may be unfamiliar to you at first.  You can download the Cheat Sheet beforehand, if you like.

How many games do you play each session?

We play a total of three or (occasionally) four rounds.  Most players stay for three rounds, but you are welcome to play one, two, three, or (occasionally) four rounds.  The first round starts at 7:00, and we encourage newcomers to arrive by 6:50 to receive a few short instructions.  If you arrive after 7:00, we will work you into the next round.

Is there any cost?

There is no membership fee to join the Club.  Established players pay $1 each session that they attend the Club; newcomers are exempted from paying for their first few sessions.  The nominal $1 fee helps us pay rent on the playing facility. 


Which dictionary do you use?

Scrabble® clubs use the NASPA Word List (NWL).  This word list is very similar to, but differs slightly from the Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary that you may have seen in stores or played with at home.  We can fill you in on the differences and explain how to acquire the official list in print or electronic form.  Rest assured that all of the words are legitimate English words found in published collegiate dictionaries.

How can I start improving my game or find out more about the competitive Scrabble® scene?

Coming to some club meetings is a good start!  Our club is the best place for meeting other Scrabble® players in the Orlando, Casselberry, or central Florida areas.  Also check out our Links page, with links to major Scrabble® associations, study and game playing programs, equipment vendors, and more.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to Contact Us with any other questions or concerns.